The History of the Museum

Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan founded in 1980, primarily operating on the first floor of one of the habitable buildings of Hrazdan, gives the full picture of regional history, historical development of the natives established there, their mode of life,  culture memorials, geo-historical conditions.

At the beginning of 1980’s Hrazdan region former administrative building rehabilitation works started and a part of the building was intended for the Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan. After finishing the rehabilitation works the exhibits of the museum were transferred there and new permanent exhibition formation works of the museum were initialized which were fulfilled a he end of 1989’s. Official opening ceremony of the new permanent exhibition at a new building took place on December 1, 1989, where representatives of the City Council and the District Council of Hrazdan , administration and personnel  of the State History Museum of Armenia, as well as the representatives of Ministry Culture of  RA  participated. The museum has once more started to operate as a branch of the State History Museum of Armenia, i.e. Geo-Historical Museum of Hrazdan. Since 1993 the museum has functioned as “Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan” of the Ministry Culture of RA, and “Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan “ SNCO  since 2002.

The building of the museum is two-storied; it also has a basement. The permanent exhibition which consists of archeological, medieval ethnographical exhibition halls, and the ones referring to the new and the newest periods, functions on the first and on the second floors. There are fund-depositaries, a shelter intended for emergency case and a toilet.
The quantity of the exhibits of the main fund are more than 2000, they introduce the material and religious culture referring to Hrazdan region from the ancient periods up to nowadays. The museum also has a science assisting fund / about 1000 exhibits/. M. Poghosyan, E.Asatryan, M. Davtyan, and Tc. Ohanyan - the inhabitants of Hrazdan, who have private collections, have had their investment in the establishment of the museum, by making donations from their collections.

The museum has an Academic Council and Estimation and Purchase Committee, which besides the museum personnel includes the employees of the spheres of regional culture and education as well.

People of all ages, having different occupations, hobbies visit the museum. The museum is in touch with people, who take interest in the museum, have personal collections. Thematic excursion-lessons are organized for schoolchildren, and during the summer the schoolchildren and students from rest camps of the valleys Tsaghkadzor and Marmaric, as well as the citizens staying at rest houses and resorts are also on a visit there. Everyday life of the museum, the temporary exhibitions and events organized at he museum are elucidated on medias/ republican, regional, “Hrazdan” TV station, etc./.


Address: 2 Spandaryan street, c. Hrazdan,
Kotayk region, 2306, Republic of Armenia
Telephone: + 374 223 2-14-54
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