Services of the Museum

The Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan has the following services:
1.    Tickets for the museum’s permanent exhibition visit
a/ for schoolchildren, students and pensioners – 200 dram
b/ for adults and other visitors – 400 dram
2.    During the visits of permanent and temporary exhibitions excursion service is provided:
a/ in Armenian – 1500 dram                            b/ in Russian – 2000 dram   
3.    Armature photo and video shooting permission for the permanent exhibition - 1000 dram
4.    Provision of a diapositive /24-36mm/ - 20.000 dram
5.    Temporary provision of the photos kept in funds
/science assisting fund/ provision of the digitized version of the photos – 10.000 dram
6.    Provision of a reference concerning things of the museum:
a/ of original character – 3000 dram
b/ of biographical character /0.5 printed page/ - 4000 dram
c/ preparation of scientific references / 1 unit/ - 800 dram
7.    Preparation of references concerning separate events, occasions /1 reference/ - 2000 dram
8.    Creation of the digitized versions of the museum samples that on paper basis
a/ edited – 500 dram
b/ non-edited – 22.0000 dram
9.    Consulting for choosing fund materials for programs, articles, etc. – 1000 dram
10.     Sale of booklets, calendars
11.    Practical training of the higher professional educational institutions
For one student – 5000 dram

Working hours of the Museum

Tuesday-Sunday    - 10:00-16:30
The museum is closed on Monday, on officially celebrated holidays and remembrance days

The Museum has free visit privileges for permanent exhibitions

1. For all working days of the week:
for the museum personnel, state official delegations, the students of the sphere of cultural inheritance and  the members and personnel of the international non-governmental organizations, members of the Artists’ Union, military servants, journalists, underage  children /the presence of the document certifying the statute of the visitor or the group leader is required/.
2. Second Friday of every month
for schoolchildren and teachers accompanying them
3. The last Saturday of every month
for all the visitors /the schoolchildren and teachers accompanying them/

Professional photo and video shooting of the permanent exhibition of the museum /with the help of lights and stand for photo shooting camera/ is prohibited.

Editorial works

The museum also performs editorial works.

Booklets about the museum, about the historical-architectural monuments of the region, museum tickets, postcards concerning the present exhibition during the temporary exhibitions, booklets, invitations, advertisement materials, etc.


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Address: 2 Spandaryan street, c. Hrazdan,
Kotayk region, 2306, Republic of Armenia
Telephone: + 374 223 2-14-54
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