Exhibition Halls including the new and the newest periods

The Join of the Western Armenia to Russia and the region Hrazdan

The subsection “The Join of the Western Armenia to Russia and the region Hrazdan” is presented in the exhibition halls referring to the new and the newest periods, where data and maps (with information about the natives and the immigrants) concerning people immigrated to the region Hrazdan and settlements established by them are presented on the general background of the join of the Western Armenia to Russia. Bank-notes and coins of the Russian Empire of 19-20th centuries, of the first Republic of Armenia /1918-1920/ as well as those of the USSR of 1920-1940s that were in circulation are exhibited.





Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

The participation of the Hrazdanians in the Great Patriotic War of   1941-1945, their personal things, orders and medals are also exhibited.

Artsakhian war

The military route of Hrazdanian company of the Special regiment taking part in the Artsakhian war of 1990s are presented by a separate section.



Famous people

Famous  people of the region Hrazdan are presented in a separate section /with  personal belongings, photos, orders, medals, etc/: USSR popular artist  G. Janibekyan, USSR honoured pilot V. Soghomonyan, Arm SSR honoured  teacher  S. Mirzoyan, writers E. Militonyan, P. Khachatryan, litrerary  critic H. Hovhannisyan and others.



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Axta /Hrazdan/ in the 1950ies