Ethnographical Exhibition Hall

Working tools /wooden plough, harness, threshing-machine, etc./ used in agricultural works of the region Hrazdan, samples of handicraft production used in and presenting everyday life of the habitants /wooden things of everyday life, distaff, rope knitting machine, cradle, bed, shelves, chests, clay made things of everyday life: earth-enware pot, pitcher, jug, iron made things of everyday life, etc./ are exhibited at the Ethnographical Exhibition Hall. Everyday life and customs of the region are presented by photos having ethnographical character made in 1940’s-1950’s.
A separate section is destined for the samples of household technologies of the USSR of 1930s-1960s /patephone, radio, TV, record-player, recorder, etc./,  as well as for production samples of  the big industrial enterprises that have functioned in the region Hrazdan in 1960-1990s.





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National mode of district of Hrazdan 1950ies